Fall on Yawgoo Pond

Few things go together as well as Fall and New England. It starts at the end of August when the days begin to get noticeably shorter, the nights a little cooler, and the bugs louder. September is a beautiful month. By then, you can tell Summer is over. The weather is still beautiful, but the busy Summer crowds have all but let except for on the weekends. Everything gets this burnt look to it, the leaves on the trees look like they have been baking in the sun all Summer long and begin to turn. It isn’t until the first week of October that the foliage really begins to peak in southern Rhode Island. I always make a point of it to get out for a few early mornings on the lake around this time of the year. The water is still warmer than the air and each morning, if the temperature gets low enough, a huge cloud of fog lifts off of the pond. Paired with the beautiful yellows, reds, and oranges of the surrounding foliage, it is really a magnificent sight. This year, I was lucky enough to get out on the lake on one of these beautiful mornings, check out the photos below for a look at Fall on Yawgoo Pond.