35mm Winter

Recently I had a few rolls of film developed that I shot on my Yashica t3 super over the past few years. The photos below are from winter 2015 when I still lived in RI and Christmas 2016 when I returned to visit. There is something I love about the simplicity of a point and shoot and 35mm film. Check out the images below and stay tuned for more rolls from the Yashica in the future.

Nikonos iii X Amber Torrealba

Last Monday, I met up with Amber Torrealba for a swim in Laguna Beach. The waves were nothing special, but the sun was shining bright and it's December in Southern California so why not get in the water. I brought with me, my Nikonos iii loaded with a role if iso 1600, Fujifilm, Shooting with the Nikonos iii is always an adventure no matter what the conditions. The camera itself is fully manual and having brought high iso film, I was forced to shoot with an aperture between F/16 and F/22, using a shutter speed around 1/500th. Using a small aperture, helped to alleviate some of the struggle of using a manual focus. Out of the 36 exposures, I included some of my favorites in the gallery below. The process of shooting film along with the magic of the fully manual Nikonos iii makes for some beautiful images. While they may not be technically perfect, the feel of the soft tones and faded color make for some truly unique images. Check out the images in the gallery below and expect more Nikonos iii galleries soon!